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Thread: Pick A Beam

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    Jan 2006
    I also quite enjoy Jim Beam Black, as I said in many threads here...As a "beginner" whose entry steps were taken with Jim Beam and Jim Beam Black, I like both, but enjoy the latter very very much. Last night I had a glass of it, and enjoyed again

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    All this talk about everyone loving OGD 114 made me open my bottle and I agree. It is a very good pour and will be poured far more often in my home now. Thanks for the push to open it everybody.

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    Mentor, Ohio, USA

    OGD 114

    Has anyone seen this in Ohio??? I never have. Sounds good though.

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    OGD 114 has gotten ia lot of attention in this thread, looks like it has more votes than either Baker's or Booker's. It is interesting to note that in the "Top Ten Whiskies" thread elsewhere, OGD 114 is not shown in Todd's total table, while both Booker's and Baker's are in the top ten (the table currently shows 17 leaders). Probably just that some aren't responding in both threads. To which I plead guilty; just now voted in the "Top Ten" thread.

    I really do think OGD 114 is pretty well under the radar, even here. Just as well, I guess; keeps the price down.


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    Last night I kept thinking that JB Black more closely resembled Baker's than it does any other member of the Beam line-up. Tonight I revisited my bottle of Baker's, which I suppose has been open at least two years, with less than a quarter of the bottle remaining.

    The resemblance is there, all right. At first I thought that the difference was solely based on the difference in proof, 107 vs. 86. However, even with significant dilution to bring the two intensities approximately equal, the Baker's still had greater depth. The difference was most pronounced in the finish. Taken neat the Baker's robust finish seemed to last forever; with dilution the effect was similar in duration but less intense.

    Considering the price difference I still say JB Black is a better buy. However, one should live it up once in a while. If these two bourbons were the only two available to me, I'd buy about three bottles of JB Black to every one of Baker's, and I'd always be looking forward to Baker's week.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield
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    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield

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    Update on my SOAPY JB Black experience:

    Last night I thought I would give it another try. This time the finish/aftertaste was more like OAK and not SOAP. So, I guess my palate was just off the other night. So the conclusion of my opinion on JBB is that it is a great everyday/bargain choice for a bourbon. I should confess, although, that I am spoiled with the premium bourbons here in NC: ETL, Knob Creek, Eagle Rare, WTRB, EWSB. Haven't yet tried RR101, Bookers. I don't particularly care for: Blanton's (too expensive for what you get IMHO), BH (same), Baker's (just didn't agree with me, shall try again a few months later- sometimes this can be surprising)

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    Okay, just to be different, since no one has mentioned it:


    Seriously, of the Beam bourbons, I'd go with Booker's, but I've never had Baker's. I guess I'll have to get some.

    OGD is one of my favorites and my "everyday" bourbon, but even in the 114 expression I don't think it has that special "oomph" that Booker's does. (And I don't think that's just due to more alcohol, either.)

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    Technically not going off tangent here:
    Heaven Hill 10 yo, or old HH 100 BIB being Parker Beam creations work VERY well for me.

    Beam Black works for me if you are talking brands though...

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    Toronto, Canada
    I'd gone off Beam products for a while, having tried Basil Hayden (weak), Bakers (one dimentional) Bookers (too strong), Knob Creek (liked it but sweet), and Black Beam (not bad, but lacked depth). I found that I vastly preferred EWSB or BT products - any of them!

    Recently I went back and tried Bookers again and was deeply impressed. Well worth the money, and a REALLY good pour. At C$80 or $90 however, I have to contrast this with how I feel about Knob Creek at C$40. Both I find "heavy" bourbons, and I have to be in the mood for them. Black Beam I like, but I'm not blown away by the stuff.

    If my feet were put to the fire, I'd have to vote Knob Creek with Bookers supplanting it if I got a better paying job. As a side note, I really do want to go back and see if my tastes have changed enough that I may have a different opinion of Beam products in general.

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    I have not found any OGD 114 in Ohio, but on frequent trips to Sharon, Pa. I have gotten bottles at the liquor store there. If you can find one of the super stores in Pa.(there is one in Hermitage about 3-4 miles on the main road out of Sharon in the K-Mart plaza) they have a decent selection of bourbon. Have found Antique collection as well as other BTD products there. PDLC has a website that you can search for brands by county, store and even statewide. Thomas



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