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    Dave Stewart of Balvenie....
    & Glenfiddich and Kinnievie(SP?), probably should have said W.Grant
    Not to be picky!!

    Little ironic AVB as I have just been chattin to David and I must say he is extremely helpful when it comes to advice and info!! David has my vote!!


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    I'm sure what you heard is much more up to date as it was at least 4 years ago when I talked to him last.
    Illuminati in training

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    Might've been a misprint. I saw some PVW 20 yr old yesterday for $94 and should've bought it but I just bought a bottle of BMH 11 yr old 30 minutes earlier. anyway, I'd try to get my hands on it next time if I were you.

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    I was at the Bourbon in Adams Morgan (there's another one in Georgetown) a couple nights ago, and I didn't see a Pappy Van Winkle older than 23 years on the shelf. I assume it must be a typo. Most of their higher priced bottles were almost completely full, either because people aren't dumb enough to pay those prices or because hardly anybody there drinks anything but beer and Jack and Coke (most people go there for the food, I think).

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    I had my first sample of Pappy Van Winkle 20 yesterday since I opened it back in February. Where I liked it back then I REALLY liked it yesterday. It is definitely too expensive to drink regularly but a couple of buddys I had over yesterday were discussing it so I decided to be a good host and pour out a couple of glasses. Nice stuff.

    I am going where streams of whiskey are flowing...



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