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    what are your "ex" drinks??

    influenced by BobbyC's post in "what are you drinking now" thread where he mentioned that whiskey sours used to be his poision, what are your major "ex" drinks???

    what I mean is, the drink that was your standard that you always ordered for at least a few years straight...Seems like most people get onto a drink and that becomes their "standard" for a while then *poof* you move onto the next and rarely visit the previous....almost like an ex-w_f_.

    mine have been(in chronological order)

    Gin & Tonics (for about 6 years, usually Tanquery)
    JD on the rocks (for about 2 years)
    bourbon straight (for 1 year)

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    My only previous drink is Australian Bundaberg Rum and Coke...
    Fortunately I drank far too much of it one night - an 1125ml bottle between 2 people (I think it was the coke that made me sick )

    The result is that I can't stand the stuff even today, but it had a positive result - I found Bourbon as my drink

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    Years ago when I first started to drink liquor, I liked gin and tonic or bitter lemon but early on people warned about the calories in the mix so I got away from those drinks. For a while after, rum drinks like rum and Coke or Diet Coke more usually, then fancier rum drinks. (I still mean to make a Zombie and report my conclusions to the Board, using both rum and, innovatively I think, bourbons. This is a planned tip of the hat to Jim Butler who used to sample Zombies in the 80's. I still haven't gotten around to this but I will before long. I think the drink would be good with bourbons but need the time to assemble the ingredients and ponder how to build them).

    Later, I liked martinis, and Manhattans. I still like the latter of course but they taste different now, richer and hevier than I used to make them (in the early days I used Canadian whisky only).

    In recent years I sip different kinds of whisky straight, and usually have some beer, it averages to two drinks per night (I try not to exceed that now and sometimes I have nothing. ). My favourite whiskeys are bourbon, malt whisky, Canadian and Irish in that order but it depends too on mood or fancy.

    I find beer and whiskey suit my system best. I experiment with other drinks I keep in my bar, e.g., lately with dark rums (making my own blends again) and the other night I had a Dutch Genever gin, but that is rare, ditto sampling vodka (of which I like Polish rye vodkas the best, I have decided).

    I drink a little wine, with meals. I like to read up on wine (just bought Robert Parker's massive 2002 world survey) but I don't drink much of it except once in a while Champagne.

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    I started off with beer which was pretty much what everyone drank when I was younger, either Busch Bavarian, Budweiser, Miller (pony size), Schlitz Malt Liquor (baby bulls) with an occasional foray into sloe gin/7 up or cheap wines (Boones Farm, TJ Swann) and a one night only bout with MD20/20 (mad dog, cuz one night was all it took to break me). Most of our drinking took place at the Hi-Y drive in theater and if you couldn't find someone to buy for you, there was always someone willing to share.

    When I left smalltown Missouri and went to Mizzou, I was introduced to many of the standard mixed drinks that were cheap and easy to make: screwdrivers, gin and tonics, 7&7s, Rum and coke, etc. It was during this time that I learned the fine art of producing SpoliOli (sometimes called Purple Passion or other names). Mixing a case of Everclear, Hawaiian Punch, Grape Hi C, 7 up, cheap champagnes, a bottle of 151 Rum for taste, and just about any other sweet liquid that came to hand in a 50 gallon (lined) trash can. Of course this was only done a couple of times a year as we did value our vision and required some brain cells to finish classes. And of course more beer. My first party there I helped pick up 57 kegs of beer for one night. Drinking at Mizzou was a pasttime. Somewhere along there I tasted the Turkey for the first time (Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot I believe) and was introduced to DN 1843.

    After dropping out of college, I went back to smalltown Missouri to work and it was beer time again, but at least I had learned to appreciate some of the better beers of the period. Heineken, Moosehead, and Grolsch were favorites at that time. But when I turned 21 and started to go to bars, I settled on rum and Coke. Myers Rum usually. It was during this period that I discovered Tequila and the strange effect it had on me. The more tequila that went into me the more clothes came off of me. Not good in smalltown bars where everyone knows you. It was during this time that I started buying a bottle of something different every week and building a pretty good home bar for guests (that never came around).

    Eventually I ended up back at Mizzou and more eventually in St Louis where I continued my rum and Coke/beer diet until one visit home where a close friend introduced me to the Small Batch Collection. I bought my first bottle of Bookers and it's history from that time on. I now occasionally drink Rum, Irish Whisky, Tequila (in small amounts), and even occasionally sip on a Single Malt (but never again the Arfbag). Bourbon does just about everything I ask of it and when I need something a little different I enjoy an imported or microbrewed beer. But bourbon has become my go to on most any occasion where a libation is required. And I don't see that changing anytime soon.
    I don't drink to excess. But I'll drink to most anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCalBoozer
    bourbon straight (for 1 year)
    I thought this thread was for EX drinks? Don't tell me bourbon straight is an EX drink? Say it ain't so, NorCal!
    Bourbon makes me happy.

    Go Fighters!

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    The drink of my youth was Old Grandad & Water. This, plus beer, got me through my 20's, 30's and 40's. Then I woke up. Bourbon is still my choice, although I drink a much broader variety and seldom add ANY water.
    Colonel Joseph B. "Bourbon Joe" Koch

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    While I still drink many things, I guess the drinks I no longer consume would be whiskey sours, bourbon and coke, and white russians.
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    Similar to Joe, I started with beer and Kentucky Tavern (my folks pour). Other choices made periodic appearances but nothing you would consider a "standard". Never was much of a regular drinker though until the past few (10?) years. The more regular I became the more Wild Turkey settled into my bar, in all it various guises.

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    My ex's are:

    Chivas on the Rocks - This was my standard when I became "legal" (a long time ago). Now its normally single malts neat. If the selection is poor or non-existant I will fall back on this old reliable.

    7 and 7 - No more mixing with seven-up and have left Seagram's far behind and have a good bourbon neat (though I still put $$ in Diageo's vaults with Captain Morgan (Diet and Captain is my standard drink when I take the wife out dancing), Red Stripe (Never drink it in Jamaica during our annual trips, but have it a home occasional just to get in the island spirit), and several of their single malts.)


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    Teens - Beer (any beer)
    Early 20's - Rum and Coke
    Late 20's/Early 30's - Jack and Vanilla Coke

    I haven't gone back to any of them since I found this site.




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