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    Jun 2006
    Raleigh, NC
    In my 20's mainly Miller beer
    In my 30's mainly boat drinks and white russians
    In my 40's good wine, potato vodka martinis and single malt scotch
    Now good wine, single malt scotch and good bourbon.

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    Since we're on to beer; Erin Brew, from Cleveland's Standard Brewery, where my great-grandfather was a bookkeeper (until he died, in his 40s, of the drink), was quite literally mother's milk to me. By the time I became sentient, the family had moved on to Carling's Black Label and, still later, to Stroths. In my youth, buying the cheapest beer available as all youth do, it was P.O.C., at 99¢ a six-pack. The initials stood for "Pilsner on Call," but we dubbed it "Piss Outa Cleveland," and it was.

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    Eastern Pennsylvania
    For forty years I've been drinking Rolling Rock beer, which has always been brewed with spring water in glass lined tanks in Latrobe, PA. Like all good things, the brand was recently sold to Busch who will immediately move the operation to New Jersey. Henceforth it will probably glow in the dark and be real skunk piss. But I still got the memories.
    Colonel Joseph B. "Bourbon Joe" Koch

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    Nashville, Tn
    I started in my teens drinking Canadian Mist and chasing it with Mt. Dew. Then I went through a phase that I wouldnt drink anything less than 100 proof. (why I have no idea) So i drank alot of vodka, 151 and the various local product that was available.

    In the military I found beer and fruit drinks and stayed on that for awhile. Then it was Screwdrivers. I started college late in life and was poor so it was beer. Mostly South Paw, Highlife and PBR. I still drink HL and PBR on occasion.

    After school I moved to Tullahoma and started drinking Dickle and JD. I started drinking bourbon shortly thereafter. I like it on the rocks and in the summer on a hot day mixed with Ginger ALe. All this talk about Ginger Beer lately has made me start looking for it to try. Disclaimer: I DO NOT mix topshelf bourbon with GA. I come from the school of whats the point?

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    Las Vegas NV
    It was Miller High Life and Ballantine. I liked beer, it did not like me. Seagram's seven and water. OGD 86, some OGD BIB and I do like an occaisional Sambuca, either color.

    Now it is Beer of all kinds and Bourbon.
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    Bob Marley.

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    Charleston, SC
    the ex-drinks that i find particularly repulsive include:

    tequila sunrises
    purple jesus (actually, any alcohol with fruit juice)
    jello-shots (not sure if that counts as a drink, but they can treat you pretty badly all the same)

    in college, we used to get kegs of Goebel beer. it was half the price of the "better" stuff (i.e. Bud, Miller, etc) and pennies on the ounce compared to some imports. i don't know who made it or where it came from, but it will never enter my body again. vile stuff.

    however, there are other drinks that i revisit periodically depending on the season. for example, I like gin and tonics in the summer (very refreshing given the heat and humidity in Charleston) and egg nogg spiced up with bourbon during the yuletide season is quite tasty.

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    Fulton, Missouri
    I used to drink Stag Beer brewed out of St. Louis for many years and then got a taste for Buckhorn beer out of Minnesota. I got hooked on JD on the rocks for a couple years and then went back to Bud Light. I now drink premium tequila and am presently taking the flight with good bourbon. Yum.




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