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    Red face Another "Ex"

    As the 30th anniversary approaches of my H.S. graduation, I recall one more ex-drink. I guess you could call it an ex-spirit. On my graduation night, for some long lost and completely unknown, stupid & illogical reason, I decided I would drink Scotch for the first time in my life to celebrate the event. I cannot remember the label, but I bought a bottle (a pint as I dimly recall) and headed to a keg party at an apartment complex clubhouse we had rented.

    About 12-15 beers later plus the pint, I was pretty well finished for the night and the rest of the week for that matter. The entire sad and sordid event happened in less than 3 hours and nearly ended my life before midnight. To this day, I have no idea how I got home that night. One of the few things I do clearly remember was seeing a police cruiser turning the corner onto my street just after I pulled into my parents' driveway......extremely, extremely lucky me! My grandmother always said an angel drove my car that night.

    Needless to say, I do not remember much but my parents sure do/did and reminded me of it for a long, long time. The porcelain altar that night received my full sacrafice of all the Scotch I put in my body and ever will. I've always heard that you develop a taste for Scotch over a period of time and patience. Well, I developed it and lost it - all in one night!!!

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    7 & 7's are about the only thing I used to drink that I don't anymore.

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    Tequila Sunrises - the grenadine leaves a really bad taste when it comes back out your nose!
    Mad Mac
    "If you want to sing out, sing out!"

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    I have given up most of the sweet stuff as I have matured. Gone are the days of bourbon and ginger and when I drink bourbon it is on the rocks or neat. My drinking pattern varies with season more than completely abandoning a drink. In the hotter summer months, I tend to drink lighter ales and Mount Gay and tonic with a lime. During the winter, I drink more stouts and porters. I drink bourbon year round.

    Some things that have become Ex-drinks for me:
    Sloe Gin Fiz
    Jamesons on the rocks
    Wine coolers - (I should have never started )
    If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.
    - Mark Twain

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    My ex drinks are:

    Knob Creek (To much $$ for the taste, over-rated)
    Elijah Craig 12yr (Not to my liking, although good for the $$)
    Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr (Old Weller Antique is better in my opinion)
    Wild Turkey Rare Breed (Gave me a headache...lol and cost to much $$)

    My new drinks are

    George T Stagg (Nursing a few bottle of Fall 2005)
    Weller Larue (Getting one in Monday and will nurse it over time)
    Old Weller Antique 107 (regular pour, great for the $$ and I like the Taste)
    Old Grand Dad 114 (replacement as a rye when Stagg is gone, low cost)
    Wild Turkey 101 (good for everyday pour, good for the $$)
    "A glass a day keeps the doctor away"

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    wow, you all have stirred up some memories, many bad. In college I drank Sloe Gine fizzes (gag), Singapore Sling (good grief), Vodka Collins (have hated vodka for years now), Beam and Coke (I now hate ANY drink made with cola), and a cheap, cheap, cheap bourbon that I think was called Beams. It was not Jim Beam, or Beams Choice, just Beams. It was cheap, dirt cheap. I went through a margarita phase also. Now I mostly drink bourbon neat, gin and tonic, martinis (real ones....with gin), and the occasional rusty nail.

    I also like sake with my sushi and sushimi and really enjoy a cheap Spanish brandy: Fundador. I first drank it while working on a project in the southern Philippines and still like it.

    I should add that I will never, ever drink Everclear again. Also, when visiting a particularly cheap college friend at his apartment with vodka, make sure to take your own mixer. If not, you may end up pouring a package of lime kool-aide into the vodka only to discover he has no sugar. We drank it anyway. That was bad.

    And one last addition: Moutai. This horrible, high proof, battery acid is quite popular in China even though it is very expensive. The chinese are very good at drinking large quantities of this and love to see just how drunk they can get you. Dreadful stuff.

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    I think my only EX drink is a White Russian. I was probably about 19 and very, very foolish.

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    One I remember not-so-fondly is the mudslide. Not the ice-cream based drink like you find at some restaurants, this was a layered concoction of vodka, irish cream and Kahlua and you drink it like a shot. Tasted like chocolate milk at the time, would taste like now

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    After quite a bit if thought I'd have to say that my "ex" is without a doubt WATER. I can't stand the stuff anymore.

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    LOL: Water is your Ex-drink!!

    I think it was W.C. Fields that said,

    "Water. Never touch the stuff. Fish fornicate in it"

    Colonel Ed
    Bourbonian of the Year 2006

    Comissioned by Paul Patton, 1999

    "It ain't the booze that brings me in here, it's the solace it distills"



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