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    Try This

    I have read a lot about not being able to find the 10YO Dickel. Take your empty bottle of 10YO and put about an ounce and a half of distilled water or spring water in the bottle. Fill the bottle with Dickel 12 and taste it. Let me know what you think.
    Mike Veach

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    Re: Try This

    I just tried this. You know what? It tastes like Dickel 12 with water. I then compared it with the Dickel 10 yo. Yep, it still taste like watered down Dickel 12. The Dickel 10 yo is much sweeter, has a thicker (creamier) mouth feel, and has a much longer more complex finish. I only wish the watered down No. 12 tasted as good as the 10 year old, but to my taste buds it don't.

    If you like your whiskey on the sweet side (which I do), Dickel 10 yo is tough to beat for the price. (If you can find it.)


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    Re: Try This


    You used too much water. I tend to make the same mistake, and Mike's "recipe" might not be accurate, either. He did this experiment for us, using only drops of water in a tasting glass of whiskey. Marvin and Evelyn Franz, Linda, and I were there and I swear to you every one of us was amazed at how close the two were. It may also make a difference how old your bottle of #12 is. Product from the last two or three years is likely to be mostly ten or even twelve year Dickel, so really only the proof is different. And adjusting it from 90 to 86 proof really did make all the difference needed. We were shocked.


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    Re: Try This

    John is right, I did say too much water. It should probably be between 1/2 and 3/4 of an ounce to reduce a 750 bottle to 86 proof. I will tell you this about Dickel: In europe and Japan they don't sell Dickel 12. What they sell is the exact same whisky with the same style cream colored label except the "12" is replaced with a red dot with the number "10" in it and the neck label has a year. The bottle I have at home has "1986" since the bottle was given to me in 1996. It is 10 year old Dickel at 90 proof - the same whisky they are selling in the U.S.
    Mike Veach



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