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    I'm not quite sure but the name William Shakespeare keeps running through my feeble little mind when I read this thread. Any thespians out there that can tell me if this is actually from one of his works?

    Then there's Poor Richard's Almanac written of course by Benjamin Franklin that is also tugging a bit. Could be that's where I remember it being referenced a long time ago. Of course that could be just where it was written down after being handed down.

    Then again, after googling "a fool and his money" I find a reference possibly even to the Bible.

    So many literary sources, so little time.....
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    In two different quotation books in Swedish they claim it to be "an old English adage".

    Frustratingly, they do not reveal the source to this.

    Whatever the origin, it seems to have spread very far. While surfing the net for info I even found it in Chinese.
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    I'm not sure where it came from but I proved it

    More than once!!
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