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    Kentucky Spirit; Padron, & Hershey\'s Special Dark

    I broke out a bottle of Kentucky Spirit that had been aged in warehouse 'E'. I love Wild Turkey's warehouse 'E'. Great bourbon always comes from that address. I also like Padron cigars. They are dark; thick, rich, & especially strong. Sipping and smoking the two together was not unlike a fine work of art. The strong aged tobacco and cocoa of the Padron 1964 Anniversary series Exclusivo mingled sweetly with the leather; molassas, & vanillia of the world class Kentucky Spirit. Both were thick and rich. The tapistry of sublime textures was yet incomplete.Add in the semi-sweet creamyness of Hershey's Special Dark chocolate and the treat was complete. Don't miss out on this extra special sensory explosion. It's orgasmicaly good! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Yeah....

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    Re: Kentucky Spirit; Padron, & Hershey\'s Special Dark

    Linn, Why am I beginning to think you don't go at anything half Assed?

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    Re: Kentucky Spirit; Padron, & Hershey\'s Special D

    Bobby I have just recently discovered the Padron family of cigars. The tobacco is Cuban Piloto seed grown in Nicaragua, where the cigars are also hand rolled. They are very close to a true Cuban. In some blind taste tests have even scored higher than some very famous Cuban brands. The only problem I can see is the price. At $8.50 a stick the Padrons are pricey, yet they are reasonable when compared to Cubans costing $20 to $65 a stick. When you're going to herf a fine cigar you've got to pair it with a fine single barrel bourbon. I'm thinking about buying a box of Padrons but that is like buying a case of bourbon - besides which my humidor is full at the moment as I bought some very nice Sancho Panza Double Maduro Cervantes (handmade in Honduras) at $2.55 a stick. That's a very good price for such a tastey cigar.

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    Re: Kentucky Spirit; Padron, & Hershey\'s Special D

    I just tried one of the Sancho Panza double maddies Saturday night - DAMN tasty! I foresee a box of them in my near future.....



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