I have always had a respect for the small batch collection.

Bookers, just for the strength, punch and peppery flavour will remain my always remain a fave, but Bakers is a close 2nd in this basically 2 horse race.

Knob Creek has it's good days but is not even a pimple on a pig's ass, compared to the magnitude of the pack leaders - Bakers and Bookers.

I fully agree, Bakers is the perfect strength for an experienced Bourbon drinker, but the 107 proof could well be too much for a newbie.

As for Bail Haydens (Haydes?) I'd rather stick hot pins in my eyes than waste my money on such a bland and low proof drink - once bitten twice shy!

Bourbon either cuts the mustard or doesn't in my eyes, and Bakers really should be considered an all time great!