Chuck Cowdery was the first to point out (in his excellent bourbon newsletter) that Bulleit is a high rye recipe. It takes most bourbon enthusiasts, and it took me, some time to accustom to the rye palate, whether in rye whiskey or in high-rye bourbon. The rye lends often a spicy minty note (someone referred here to hot cinnamon, which is a good description of Bulleit), sometimes musky perfumed note (e.g. the ORVW ryes, and some Wild Turkey rye), sometimes an oats-like, "muddy" note (current Overholt). Bulleit is actually an excellent, traditional bourbon whiskey. I am not sure the drop to 80 proof really will affect it much, obviously no one here will be thrilled about it, but it won't change the basic palate and for those who drink whiskey neat, 80 proof is plenty high enough speaking for myself anyway. Rye whiskey and high-rye bourbon tend to be more complex than low-rye bourbon or no-rye bourbon. Some people never get accustomed to it which is fine but at its best it is the height of the straight whiskey art.