I've been out in LA for about a week now and I've been amazed by the number of old tax strip bottles I've come across in the little liquor stores that are scattered around. There's almost always something interesting.

I scored a 12 yr Wild Turkey in a little nondescript store near Rosemead. This is an early 80's bottle with the Beyond Duplication wood box and, until I tore it up, absolutely pristine Wild Turkey tissue wrapping up the bottle inside.

This was in addition to a '78 500 ml. bottle of 86 proof Old Overholt Rye distilled in PA and bottled in Ohio.

And then later in the day, in Beverlywood, I found a 1.75 bottle of the WT 86.8 proof from 1984, and, at a different store, an early 80's bottle of Eagle Rare 101.

Old Grandad 86 proof in old tax strip bottles is everywhere. And sometimes at less than 10 bucks a bottle. I'm glad I'll be working out here for 12 weeks.