I just got a call from the Seelbach, who just got a call from UPS, my shipment home was "destroyed".

On my trip to Louisville this weekend I went to Old Town Liquors and picked up 10 bottles for the collection. Knowing that Northwest Airlines would not like it very much if I packed 10 bottles of Bourbon in my luggage, I arranged to have them shipped to my home. I did take the three most expensive bottles (Old Pogue, 95 Birthday, and Hancocks Presidential) in my luggage, but I shipped the rest, and it is gone forever. Sazerac Rye, Four Roses Single Barrel, VOB, Old Fitz 1849, Old Heaven Hill BIB, ORVW 10/107, VSOFitzgerald, all gone. I almost took the Four roses in my carry on, but thought " what could happen", and packed it with the rest.

A moment of silence please.

Good Bye fair Bourbon.