Hey all,

I am quite new to the world of Bourbon. I mostly drink good california red wines, and occasionally a beer (Gordon Biersch Marzen is my current favorite here). I keep a small cabinet that used to contain Johnny Walker Black and Jack Daniels among other things. I decided that Jack was too harsh, and then my brother-in-law introduced me to single malt scotches. I stopped drinking Johnny Walker and switched to Glenmorangie 12 year old, aged in sherry wood.

Then I was watching the thirsty traveler and decided to give bourbon a try. Well, my short love affair with Glenmorangie came to an end and now I like an occasional glass of Maker's Mark. I am here to see what else is out there. To date I have tried three bourbons:

Maker's Mark
Elmer T. Lee
Blanton's Single Barrel

My next purchse is likely a bottle of Pappy Van Winkel, just to have tried all of the bourbons that were tasted on the thirsty traveler :-)

What should I try next? At trader joe's they have a small selection of bourbons, notably Knob Creek and some kind of reserve that I don't remember the name of. Are those worth trying?

Of the three listed above, I probably like the Blanton's the most, followed by the Maker's Mark and then the Elmer T. Lee.

Despite the anticipated purchase of Pappy Van Winkel, price is a factor.

Would love to hear suggestions on where to go next. I read through the "top ten" list, but it's a bit overwhelming.