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    More like the dance of the sugar plumbed fairies...
    I don't drink to excess. But I'll drink to most anything else.

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    Sorry Joe, I'm not sure exactly what he's doing

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    Is Spidey Dyna-Mite?

    Is the Avatar of our Bourbonian OTY Emeritus from Lexington a Napoleon in disguise? Check it out for yourself, whether you're convinced or not it's Flippin' Sweet


    PS Maybe this bit of research should go in its own thread, but I couldn't figure out where "Jeff's Avatar - can it dance?" would go.

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    Bottled in Canada?

    I just looked at that other thread, and noticed that Jeff's bad bottle was labeled "Bottled in Canada." I wonder if mine is an older or newer bottling? It says nothing about Canada anywhere on the label. Reading between the lines, I get the impression that it was bottled in Stamford, CT.

    In any case, my bottle of GD#12 doesn't have any "vitamin" notes - there's some alcohol bite in the nose, but on the palate it's smooth and sweet.
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    I've had a few drinks now from my first bottle of Dickel no 12. I like it better than any of the JD products I've tried, and the price is great. Very nice clean, smooth whiskey. Not one to ponder per se, but a great everyday pour. Another good whiskey I tried thanks to this board.
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    Gd # 12

    Agreed, Dickel is far and away better than pretty much anything JD bottles and is a significantly better value for the money. I've nearly converted my scotch drinking neighbor that a "tickel of the Dickel" is a better drink.

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    I too favor the Dickel. I started drinking it last year when I traveled to DC with a couple of guys for work and havent looked back since. The bad thing is that I have seen it in only one bar (while vacationing in Austin, TX). If Dickel isnt around while out, I would rather resort to the White Label Beam before Jack (it is quite sweet to me). Its also not a bad pounding whisky, rather smooth.

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    Recent Newspaper Article In TN

    Rickets and Scurvy Incidence Up In Tennessee
    by Jeff Yeast

    A recent epidemic of Scurvy and Ricketts in Tennessee has been tied to the unavailability of George Dickel Whiskey. No scientific evidence supports the correlation, but nutrition insiders and bourbon experts agree that there is a connection.
    This has no correlation to the "Asparagus" phenomenon that caused a scare in Kentucky several years ago
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    "ratcheer, Yes, GD No 12 was my main American whiskey ... In my opinion, it is hands down better than JD Black.

    However, I am very concerned that with all the ups and downs of the distillery and the Canadian distribution (is that still going on?), it will become only a shadow of its former self before too long."


    I've kept informed of the nebulous corporate machinations of the distillate world and though its frightening to think of the ultimate impact on our whisk(e)y, the truth is whisk(e)y has gone global. You can easily trace the owners of Jack Daniel's to a French company but then who owns the French company? It may be the same with George Dickel. Since the big conglomerates own many distilleries (Diageo) they tend to cooperate by distilling, maturing, and bottling in a cooperative effort. Hopefully, the result of whiskey's global maturity will bring us all a better dram and lower prices. I still have dreams....

    Often I am forced to deal with the fact that I prefer bourbon over dealing with facts.

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    Dramiel, that is exactly what I don't like about the whole deal. You see, one of the things that attracted me to straight American whiskey is the connection to old style, small scale craftsmanship. The idea that a very few people can set up a small factory, use centuries-old methods, and produce a traditional product.

    It doesn't really concern me that the multinational conglomerates can use worldwide synergies to produce a product that may be as good or better than the hand crafted efforts.

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