I drank some Chivas and liked it. Then I visited a Casino just south of Memphis and asked for a scotch while with a friend on the video poker slots. What I got was darn good and I thought it tasted a lot like the Chivas. So the next time the lady came around, I looked at the bottle and it was Cluny.

At the liquor store here in Lenexa KS, Cluny is 15.29 a 1.75L bottle so I bought one. I liked it so much I finished it and bought another. But in the meantime I tried some Famous Old Grouse and found the Grouse lacking in taste, I did not like it nearly as well as I liked the Cluny so I now am favoring the Cluny. Plus the price can't be beat.

Supposedly the Cluny is heavily malted scotch. Maybe that is why I like it. Curious if others have tried it, and if you have, do you know other scotches that have similar taste profiles to this or how would you describe the taste profile?

Some reviews I have seen on the net do not rate this scotch too highly. I wonder why I like it so much since it definitely falls in the realm of cheap stuff!