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Thread: Cluny Scotch

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    Then too all that water whatever its source is distilled and I wonder how many minerals follow the steam into the condenser. Maybe their role is more when interracting at fermentation stage, i.e., to help produce specific congeners which are in fact volatile. Also, I referred not to Kentucky bourbon in my original comments, but American bourbon. Hirsch 16 is an American bourbon and it was made (and aged at least part of its life) in a climate, Pennsylvania's, not that different from southern Ontario's I think. I'd like to think you are right, Dane (and maybe you are!) but I just don't know.. Maybe one day we can all tour a Canadian distillery which may still make in-house a bourbon-type straight whisky and try it and decide for ourselves. I understand Seagram used to make such a product for in-house blending use only, but I am not sure if they do anymore, they may simply bring in real bourbon from Four Roses or some other source in the U.S. I just know from beer brewing that so many great beers can be made far from source. I have found this with porters and Russian stouts especially. Just the other day in Toronto I had a Helles Bock that I doubt could be improved in Bavaria. Anyway this question is mostly moot since apart from some beer specialties (and it's a different market from spirits) why would anyone want to make such an imitation? Better to make something unique.

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