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    Thanks for the info on this thread - I've put a request in to my KY contact and am hoping that VOB BIB can still be found. If not, I'll settle for 90/86 proof.

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    Re: Which VOB do you buy?

    I recently got some VOB 100 since who knows if this will remain in the portfolio (I hope it will). Although sometimes Barton doesn't strike the right note with me this particular bottle was great: maple rich, supple on the palate with all the flavors in the right place. Vigorous, yes, but that is the house style. A fine product.


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    Post Re: Which VOB do you buy?

    I don't buy any VOB, because the only one I can get is 80-proof and I simply prefer higher proof whiskeys. 90-proof is generally my minimum, though I will occasionally buy 86-proof OGD (I cannot get the 100 or 114 in my state).

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