A thread initiated by doubleblank and mightily fleshed out by Gillman and others deals with tasting notes by Jim Murray and others.

In one post Gary wrote:

Personally I find a detailed description based on simile or metaphor referring to the tastes or odors of other drinks, or of foods or other objects, informative to learn what a drink might taste like. This approach is better than formulas such as "rich and full" or "dark-tasting" which do not tell anything about the actual flavor of a product.
Wouldn't it be fun to have a competition among professional tasters? Form a small panel of them. Have each one taste a small number of bourbons, say five, and then compose tasting notes extemporaneously. Then present a sample of each bourbon and all of the tasting notes to a panel of SB.com luminaries -- folks who have been around the bar, er ... ah ..., make that "block" a few times. They each try to identify which bourbon goes with which set of tasting notes.

I'm sure there are some rough edges in this concept, but I bet y'all could work it out, perhaps at some gathering in Kentucky sometime in late summer.

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield