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    Give the Gift of Bourbon

    ...4 ounces at a time.

    One of my fathers-in-law is a budding Bourbon enthusiast. I've brought a couple of bottles by his house, left a Pappy 15 to seal the deal, and now he's asking about what he should buy. Well, I gave him several ideas, but it occurred to me that the best I could do for him was a sampler from my bunker.

    I got a case of 4 oz. bottles at the homebrew supply and made small labels almost verbatim from the label. I figure 4 oz. samples should be enough that he knows which ones to go buy and which just aren't so mouthwatering for him. I've sneaked a few in that he'll never find (like the 1980s Old Taylor and the 2004 Stagg), ensuring that he'll come back for another taste later.

    I like this because in the same volume of 3 bottles, I'm able to give him 20 different flavors. Also, I never really finish many bottles, which causes an ever larger backlog of bottles waiting to get drunk (in the bibulous grammarian's sense of the phrase), so this helps alleviate a _problem_ that I have; too much open bourbon.

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