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    I agree fully regarding 1783. Whatever the explanation chemically, it has a noticeable "congeneric" character somewhat like cooked vegetables (or overcooked). I think some HH bourbon for whatever reason develops this taste and it is sold under this brand name for the market that likes it. It is not an expensive bourbon either. This flavour is noticeable in my view in some other companies' brands, e.g. Jim Beam White but to a lesser degree. If I had some, I would use it for vatting. Its particular taste would lend character to a blend but on its own I find it a little too much.


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    You must have one super sensitive set of olfactory apparatus to taste stuff like that. With all the cigar smoking, etc. I'm lucky to be able to discern that it's even whiskey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff
    The EW1783 tastes like asparagus.
    I didn't get that at all. I thought for the price (around $10US/750ml) it was pretty good. Much better than anything else I've had in that range and better than some others that cost a lot more. I actually prefer EW1783 to the EW SB (1995) I recently openned.




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