Hey there everyone. First post here on the forum, glad I've been able to find a grouping of knowledgable bourbon people on the 'net finally.

The girlfriend and myself are both bourbon drinkers and are always on the lookout for new ones to try, but unfortunately the variety is sometimes lacking around here, so the chance to try new ones in a bit of a pain.

Currently our shelf is stocked with Bookers, Eagle Rare 10yr SB (her favourite), and one we got while in Chicago recently- Jefferson's Reserve.

The previous favourite was the Woodford Reserve, but after a head pounding tasting session at a local restaurant/bar (Southern Accent), we were able to find this new one.

As I can tell there's a few other Canadian's on the forum, any findings would be appreciated, or if anyone else has a head's up on other good bourbons in the same vein as the the Eagle/Woodford.