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    Jack Daniels Silver Select

    This is the internationally available (export only) luxury version of Jack Daniels. My friend Gary Hodder brought some back from a trip to the Caribbean.

    This whiskey is 100 proof (vs. 94 proof for the U.S. Single Barrel) and is, quite simply, a revelation.

    It has much less of the signature candy- or licorice-like taste of Jack including Single Barrel. It is drier, richer, more bourbon-like, more complex than any other Jack Daniels I know.

    In fact if tasted blind I doubt any bourbon expert could tell it was Jack whiskey.

    I believe it is older than the Single Barrel version of Jack. It has in any case more finesse than any Single Barrel I have had (and I've had quite a few over the years).

    Well done, Brown Forman. I believe this whiskey is very close to the classic 100 proof Jack Daniels sold in the pre-Prohibition era. As often happens, things take longer to change in distant markets and I feel Silver Select is sold there to appeal to the taste that has never forgot the true Jack Daniels.

    A must taste for any straight whiskey fan.

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