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    Arrow I am a newbie to bourbon...

    and I drink Maker's Mark.

    Does that make me a terrible person? lol

    Seriously though, I have not yet had the chance to sample some of the better bourbons out there. Next week, when I visit with friends in South Carolina, I hope to get my hands on some Blanton's...

    I guess I would like to say I am happy there is a forum that can help me better understand this wonderful thing we call bourbon... And don't hate me for liking Maker's Mark...

    I am sure, once I try different things, I will change my tune.

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    Nobody's going to hate you for liking Makers Mark. You like what you like. I also enjoy a pour of Makers Mark once in a while. Welcome to the forum.
    Colonel Joseph B. "Bourbon Joe" Koch

    "Bourbon.....It's cheaper than therapy!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by BourbonJoe
    Nobody's going to hate you for liking Makers Mark. You like what you like. I also enjoy a pour of Makers Mark once in a while. Welcome to the forum.
    Thanks, Joe. I have read a lot of your posts and like your insight...

    I guess my words were a bit harsh. I know no one will literally hate me for liking MM, but I know I will find others that are "better" as I get to try more...

    Admittedly, watching the Thirsty Traveler this past week really opened my eyes a bit. I guess that shows just how ignorant I am to the stuff...

    The Elmer T. Lee single barrel has my interest peaked, I must admit...

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    Makers was my first pour, and it led me here. I think its a nice smooth drink. I have developed a taste for the higher proof Bottles, Bookers being my current favorite. It is too exspensive for me as an every day drink. I also really enjoy OGD 114.
    But as I have said several times, I have yet to try one that I would not drink again...
    Welcom to the forum...

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    Welcome, goindownsouth. If you like Maker's, which is a good bourbon, you may want to check out Evan Williams Single Barrel, which is a little cheaper than MM, and Knob Creek, which generally runs just a little bit more. The EWSB is a very smooth, somewhat sweet bourbon. The Knob Creek is very flavorful, with a lot going on. Both of them are among my favorites.

    T47 mentioned Old Grand-Dad 114, and I think this one is my favorite bourbon value. Excellent, high-proof whiskey, for a really good price. It's got a rye kick and the warmth of a high proof bourbon, but it's not harsh at all.

    All three of these were my "second step" bourbons- the ones I tried after I found out I really like good bourbon. They're all favorites of mine now, as well.

    Enjoy the forum. There's no better place on the web to learn about bourbon.

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    Berkeley, CA
    Also, I really don't think you'll be disappointed in Elmer T. Lee. I love that stuff, as well.

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    Hi all!
    Hope it's alright to post in this thread instead of creating another one which is in the same line.....

    I'm also a newbie to bourbon. I've tasted only a few but I love the Noah's Mill (thanks to TNbourbon) . I've also tasted Maker's Mark which I like. There isn't much to choose from here in Norway but I'm wondering about which one(s) to purchase:

    Evans Williams 7yo
    Four Roses Single Barrel
    Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Tennessee
    John Lee Kentucky Straight Bourbon
    Johnny Drum 12 Years Old
    Kentucky Vintage
    Knob Creek 9 Years Old
    Old Bardstown 10 Years Old
    Rowan's Creek Kentucky



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    At last! A Norwegian!

    Welcome to the forum, Christian!

    From your list I would pick :

    - Jack Danielīs single barrel
    - Knob Creek
    - Four Roses single barrel

    I have not tried Johnny Drum 12yo and Old Bardstown.The John Lee brand is all news to me. There always seem to be something dodgy about these obscure bottlings so perhaps best left on the shelf?

    It was a while since I had Rowanīs Creek so I canīt really comment on that one but from posts on this forum I gather that nowadays it varies quite a lot in terms of quality.
    Delighted to see you if you can find me!

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    Glad to see you've 'migrated', Christian.

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    Since Maker's Mark is a wheated bourbon, you should try any of the Weller brands, the Weller Antique 107 proof seems to be available most places. For a truly fine wheated bourbon the Van Winkle family of bourbons are exceptional.

    To long ashes and long finishes



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