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    Bourbon we cant get in Australia!!

    Hi guys,

    Only new to the forum, but been reading a few posts and I am getting frustrated due to the lack of choice for Bourbon in Oz!

    The Bourbon drinker in our house is my partner, and i have been trying to find him a nice drop for a while now.

    The ones i can find in Oz are (Aus $):
    Makers Mark - $45 - $50
    Wild Turkey 8 yr - $50
    Wild Turkey Rare Breed - $60-7$0
    Jim Beam White - $25-$30
    Jim Beam Black - $40
    Jim Beam Small Batch - $40- $45
    Jim Beam Yellow (Rye) - $36
    Bakers - $70
    Booker Noes - $90
    Basil Haydens - $60
    Jack Daniels (normal) - $38
    JD Single Barrel - $78
    Gentleman Jack - $48
    Woodford Reserve - $65
    Bulliet - $45
    Cougar - $31

    They used to sell Knob Creek, up until about 3 months ago when the decided to discontinue it!!

    Just to name a few! But as you can see, it is still not a very big range of premium bourbon.

    My question is, how can i get finer bourbon sent to me? Do you know any online stores that will ship internationally?

    And what would be your top 5 bourbons (and approx prices)? So i know what ones to look at/order.

    Thanks for your help

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    Hi Carly welcome to the forums from another Aussie

    You are correct, there isn't always an apparent large market for us Aussies.

    It might pay to search for a thread called "Bourbon Availibility Downunder" - it has some details on what is available if you look hard.

    If you have a Liquorland or Theos near you, they can get you some of the Heaven Hill stuff - Evan Williams Single Barrel and Elijah Craig 12yo

    Also check out www.nicks.com.au - they're in Melbourne (sorry, I'm not sure what part of the country you are from?) and ship anywhere. There's a couple of very fine bourbons there that you won't find elsewhere.

    I'd post more (and probably will tonight), but I've got to run for the train home....

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    To avoid the hazards of the search function and errant spelling, one can click here to go directly to the aforementioned thread.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield
    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield

    Dog Lover, Euphonium Player, Campfire Guitarist, Marksman,

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    IMO you cannot go wrong with Wild Turkey 8 year! I love that stuff and if it makes you feel any better the only way to get it in the states is to find a dusty old bottle that has been sitting on a shelf for about 10 years...

    Welcome to the board.

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    but face to face
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