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    BOTM, 4/06: Rock Hill Farms

    This month's BOTM is another single barrel bourbon from Buffalo Trace Distillery. At 100 proof this bourbon is full-bodied and bold, but with a genteel, polished refinement, complementary to the palate of a true Kentucky gentleman. The stylish decanter evokes memories of warm spring days in the rolling hills of central Kentucky, while the whiskey inside will comfort the coldest winter spell. The bourbon deserving of the title of April BOTM is:

    Rock Hill Farms

    Let's all gather 'round the hearth and reminisce of good times and RHF!

    Sound off

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    Thats a good coincidence, I just bought my first bottle of this two days ago! looking forward to opening it.
    "That rug really tied the room together" -- Jeffery Lebowski

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    Another Fine Choice

    I have had 3 different bottles of RHF and I list it among my Top Ten for the same reasons that are stated so eloquently on this and other boards.

    It has never failed to deliver. I prefer it over Blanton's for the price hands down. I am anxious to see the reactions to a fine selction as BOTM.
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    I like this choice Jeff. One of my favorites and the only one I got right at the tasting competition at Bettye Jo's during the last Fest. I call it Buffalo Trace on steroids.....even though they are different mashbills. Richer and a longer finish than BT....and thats a compliment for sure. Currently have a "gold chain" one open from '96.


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    Not real sure how this works!

    The discussion about WTRB caught my eye because that is what I am rubbing on tonight! (Off this week). This is my first time to talk about burbon except to my brother (fri is cig and whiskey night)! However the Rock Hill Farms would be a new one to try and assess. What is the name of it?

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    The selection spurs me to remember to post this, at Ed's request (though, frankly, I don't remember why). So, here you go, Ed (pepcycle):

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    Rock Hill Farms

    The address does not work for me!


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    Like Randy, I have a (plastic) gold-chain bottling from '96 open (Barrel 45, dumped 9/23/96). It has a velvety vanilla-caramel nose, with little display of the proof. Caramel syrup entry, a hint of orange peel which semi-bitterness is covered up finally by some heat. Medium drying-leather finish. Traces of tobacco throughout -- I suspect you cigar smokers will enjoy this.
    This has an existential elegance to it that makes me want to don my dressing jacket, put on my slippers and prop my feet up on the ottoman while reading Sartre or Camus. Since I have no dressing jacket, I guess I'll just follow up with Pappy 20 and revisit a Harry Homewood WWII submarine thriller.
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    No Jacket!!

    Just finished the WTRB! Will have to look for the RHF stuff. Thanks for the info!


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    Ah! At last in phase with the choice of BOTM. Got myself a new bottle the other week (not opened yet, though).

    I also have one of those certificates. It came enclosed with my very first bottling of RHF (the gold chain variety). That one came with a box which I havenīt got since that.

    RHF is usually in my top ten so Iīm really looking forward to crack this one open.
    Delighted to see you if you can find me!



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