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    Parker's Encomium

    The great American wine expert and writer, Robert M. Parker Jr., wrote this in his last Wine Buyer's Guide about Harlan Estate, a Cabernet-based wine from a boutique California winery with a very high reputation:

    "What can I say about the 1994? It satisfied all my requirements for perfection. ... spectacular aromatics soar from the glass offering up celestial levels of black currants, minerals, smoked herbs, cedar wood, coffee and toast. ...this seamless legend reveals full body and exquisite layers of phenomenally pure and rich fruit, followed by a 40+ second finish. ... Every possible jagged edge - acidity, alcohol, tannin, and wood - is brilliantly intertwined in what seems like a diaphanous format ...no hint of heaviness or coarseness, immortality in a glass".

    Wow. This is about a wine that fetches hundreds of dollars each on release.

    It struck me reading this it wasn't a bad description of a great bourbon.

    Recently a SB-er posted a review of a luxury Beam finished in a cognac barrel that might merit this description, but I wouldn't limit it to that.

    Any other bourbon candidates?


    P.S. Has anyone tasted a Harlan Estate? It sounds marvelous.
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