I can't stand the way Parker writes about wine. And I'm not talking about the scores or what wines he likes (I'm not a huge fan of those either, but that's not what I'm getting at here). Too many of his tasting notes read like laundry lists of nebulously related aromas and flavors. There's no real attempt at providing context for the wine in question (other than his occasional and ludicrous "mythical blends"). What results is that Parker's readers' understanding of wine does not increase--his notes become nothing more than Google search keys for specific flavors.

By not offering this context, Parker builds a culture of dependency around his writing. While that is good for his circulation and sales, it panders to the Coca-Cola stereotype of Americans by not making a case for exploring the world of wine.

Below, I've linked a short essay on blind tasting from one of my favorite wine importers, Joe Dressner. He explores some of these same topics (and others). Words to live by.