This may be heresy, but I've been experimenting with Bernheim Original Straight Wheat Whiskey (by Heaven Hill). It's not a bourbon, but it's a 100% wheat whiskey. Very interesting and enjoyable in it's own right. But I've been mixing it some with a variety of other whiskeys - both scotch, irish, and bourbon. What I've found is that about 1/3 of Bernheim mixed with a regular bourbon is a wonderful combination. You get a bourbon which is wholly original in taste and unlike either ingredient. Even an average bourbon will have it's taste elongated. My current everyday pour with this is simply Jim Beam Black 2/3 and Bernheim 1/3. But it works well with some of the wild turkeys and many others. It works astonishingly well with some single malts but that's a story for another forum.

Of course I personally like wheat bourbons -- which got me started trying this. Maker's Mark was my first bourbon love to get me drinking neat/cut. I also love Pappy Van Winkle. I've tried Weller 12 but don't like that as much. I'm also a fan of the summer wheat beers and ales. I also love whole grain breads fresh out of the oven. So, admitedly, I'm more inclined to this than the average drinker.

But here's the fun part - I've doubled the number of bourbons on my shelf because each can be cut with a little Bernheim wheat whiskey. So many to try!!

Comments? Am I nuts?

Bernheim Original Straight Wheat Whiskey