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I bought a bottle of Wild Turkey Rare Breed back in early January 2006 and opened it the same day to try it out - as this was my first experience with this bourbon.

This afternoon I decided to taste it again for the second time - and the cork broke off near the top of the wooden handle - leaving the remainder of the cork stuck in the bottle. I was able to pry it out with my trusty Swiss Army knife's AWL tool - with no cork in the bottle.

For now I have take some plastic wrap and a rubber band to fix the problem - ugly but functional.

This is the first time I have had this problem - has anyone else experienced this too?

I sent an email to WT customer service asking for another cork - what do you think the odds are that they will send me one?
I got the ultimate solution on this problem. Plastic screw corks. I have never ever in my life understood the benefit of natural cork in spirit and wine bottles. Can anyone come up with any reason that natural cork stoppers in wine or liquor bottles could be better in any way?