Recently, in finishing a bottle of ORVW 13 year old rye, I was reminded that whatever is bottled by Van Winkle or bears that name is always of the highest quality. Never have I had a bottle from them that was musty or questionable. Their whiskeys offer a range of flavors on the older end of the spectrum (from 10 years and up) and offer the distinctiveness of being wheat-recipe (except for the rye whiskeys of course and the rare surviving 23 year old Lawrenceburg bourbon). They keep up an old tradition, which is the independent merchant who matures and sells whiskey to the market which bears a house style from what they select and how they age it. Even the arrangement with Trace won't change that because when you buy a VW product you know they selected it and it guarantees the quality they have always offered the public. To me they represent the best of the American whiskey business. Can't wait to try the new 12 year Lot B.