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    New Bar

    Here's one for you guys,
    I hope to open a new bar in about 6 months and would like your advice on stocking policy. I have room for 6 American Whisk(e)ys, these must be commercially viable, diverse in style and good in quality (bit of a desert island whisky question i guess.) and not too hard to get hold of because importing stuff to the U.K. especially is expensive.
    At the moment I'm listing;

    Buffalo Trace, (House Pour)
    Makers Mark, (as a benchmark back bar bourbon)
    Woodford Reserve, (smoother and sweeter)
    Jack Daniels Single Barrel, (Because there's always a JD drinker)
    Wild Turkey Rye (for classic sazerac's, manhattan's and old fashioned's)
    & provisionally the 101 as well ( something with a bit of kick)
    though I'm tempted by Bakers & Bookers as well.

    Before anyone says it, I find Stagg impossible to find commercially here


    P.s. I could probably be talked into more than 6
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