Today I was in a liquor store on the north side of town that happens to keep all their "premium" bottles behind the counter. I asked how long the bottles of Lot B had been on the shelf and he replied, "oh, about six want to see the UPC Code too!" I started laughing and the guy proceeds to tell me that there's "this group" of people who have been scouting all their stores. He claims there's two men and two women who have been to several of their stores in the past two weeks with notebooks, writing down UPC's and stocking up!

I swear IT'S NOT ME!!!!! But, I'm sure it's someone on this forum.....whoever it is, do you need a pocket UPC card so that you don't have to take a notebook?! I'll even tell ya where my favorite stores are and if you're looking for something in particular......chances are good that I can send you in the right direction