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    I must warn everybody especially you from Europe. There was an online store in Nederlandís that had the most fantastic assortment of American whiskey and good prices as well. It was could General Liquors. I did have big problems with the contact with this company so I didnít dare to bay anything from it. Then all of a sudden it disappeared in the fall. A week ago I got an email from the owner that it had reopened under the name w-bay.nl. Just as the last time I had problems with the contact. To check this up I took contact with a German bourbon collector and asked what he knows about this company. He told me that he had been fooled for 700 Euro when it was called General Liquors and that it was just a post address. He didnít know it had started up again under new name but he said he would warn all his friends.

    Swedish lover of American whiskey

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    Thanks for this info, Leif.

    Actually, I discovered this site a couple of months ago, also gasping at their impressive stock of American whiskey.

    Then, when I was about to contact them, the site suddenly disappeared from view. In view of your info, maybe this was just as well.

    There is another Dutch online store called Whiskykoning which is really good but Iīm sure you know about it, already.
    Delighted to see you if you can find me!



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