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    My new favorite everyday (well, not everyday guys) pour has become Old Charter 12yo. Found a stash of old 1.75 bottles of Louisville stuff which is quite tasty and delightful. Will be my go-to until the inventory runs out.
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    George Dickel #8 and Elijah Craig 12 year old.

    A real cheapy that surprised me is Kentucky Tavern considering the price point.

    About once a week I dip into my Wild Turkey 101 Rye which I find outstanding.

    Also another inexpensive but good one is Evan Williams (10 year old) 1783.

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    My regular everyday pour? 1999 Cabernet Sauvignon from Fenestra, a Livermore California winery.

    Bourbon? Don't have one. I vary between Maker's Mark, Elijah Craig, Elmer T. Lee, Knob Creek, and Eagle Rare 10YO. Those are five of the six bourbon's I own... The only one I keep out of the rotation is the Pappy Van Winkel 20 YO because I can't afford to keep it in the rotation...

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    Now I got 3 alternet "daily's" WT101, OGD114, and Weller Ant 107. Did I metion 101

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    I am a regular alternator of WTRR-101, Weller Antique 107, BT and for the current month - Ridgemont 1792.....and for as long as my supply of $39 Blanton's will hold - might as well go ahead and add that one in as well.
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    Bulleit and Eagle Rare 10 SB, I do have to confess the Bulleit's only a regular because I bought it and I'm not a huge fan but I feel obligated to drink it becasse I did pay for it.
    On the other hand ERSB 10 is a great pour and for around 22 a bottle its even better. My other regulars are the younger members of the Van Winkle family, Stagg and Black Maple Hill. I love them all.

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    In another thread I said that I have 114 open bottles (various spirits, mostly bourbon) so you can see that I like variety. I must admit that many of those bottles are rarely visited, either because they are difficult to replace or because there are other things I like better. Still, it is hard for me to choose a short list of regular pours. However...

    When I go out and either don't know if there will be good bourbon available or know that there won't be unless I bring it myself, I take a flask. I have a number of 200 ml bottles that once held I. W. Harper Gold Metal 80 proof bourbon. Rather than try to clean out these 'flasks' so as to be able to fill them with the bourbon I want to take with me, I have a handwritten label on several of them and just keep them full. I figure that makes them my everyday pours.

    I. W. Harper makes the list, in part for the contribution of the glassware. Plus, it is a very drinkable bourbon.

    Eagle Rare 101 proof ten year old. I will be sad when I run out of this. I still have six bottles bunkered, must get some more before it disappears entirely.

    Booker's. Wonderful bourbon. A bit expensive, so I don't drink it as often as I would like. When I have it, it goes fast. Also, when I have it, it is my go to flask.

    Wild Turkey 101 eight year old. Great bourbon. Widely available here, many convenience stores carry it. As a result, I don't often grab it on the way out the door. I do often buy it on the way to a party.

    Wild Turkey Rare Breed has its designated flask, too. I take that out more often than the 101 eight year old.

    That just leaves my top two everyday pours.

    Evan William's twelve year old 100 proof. I really like the EW seven year old, but this is better. IMHO, even the EWSBs aren't as good.

    However, Elmer T Lee Single Barrel is even better. I don't often see this on the shelf and then only at one place. When I see it, I clear the shelf. Everytime.

    There are others that would make this list save for availability or expense. AAA ten year old comes to mind.
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