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    When was Rare Breed introduced?

    After several years of hunting I finally, just before Easter, managed to track down a bottle of Wild Turkey Tradition (see pics below).

    When using the Search function (keep those fan-mails aīcoming, Dave! ) I got somewhat sidetracked, though.

    I found out that Tradition was a tax free version of the WT 101. The Mark II version of the 101 was described as including a vatting of whiskies that were 6, 8 and 12 years old.

    This led my thoughts in the direction of Rare Breed who also is supposed to be a mixture of the abovementioned ages.

    So, finally, to my intended question : when was RB introduced and was it, during the time it was introduced, perceived by WT devotees as a barrel proof version of the 101?

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