A few months ago, I heard somewhere that Pappy 15 would soon be in short supply for about the next year or so. I did not know at the time if true - or just another morsel of pure speculation. We seem to experience that a lot these days in many facets of life. Anyhow, I have not heard it again or seen comment of same here on the Forum. However, most stores in my area ran out of the 15 anywhere from 1-2 months ago have no more at present. The ones where I have asked tell me it is "on order".....but, they have no idea when they will get it. At the same time, there in an abundant supply around here of 20 and, in fact, even a pretty good supply of 23 generally speaking. I know where 10-15 bottles are located right now. After personal visits and phone calls, I know of only 2 more bottles of the 15 available around here.

Has anyone else noticed similar low supply of Pappy 15 in their locale? If so, and if it is going to be about a year before any more is available, could it be that we have seen the last of the S-W bourbon in the Pappy 15 bottling? Or, could it be there is still a bit more S-W and it won't be ready until 2007? Maybe Julian is going to release it all at once, one more time....as next year will be the 15-year mark since S-W shut down(?).

Fact, opinion, speculation & rumor are welcome!