Hi folks,

I've been perusing a few previous cocktail threads, and have two questions for you:

--What is your favorite bourbon cocktail? Of course, I'm well acquainted with the Manhattan, which I make at home (using different ratios of bourbon/vermouth/bitters and, I confess, the syrup the maraschinos come in, depending on my mood/drink function), and I also like making a version of the mint julep, once our mint plants kick it into gear. I also plan on giving the sazarac another chance--the single one I've ever had made for me was just too sweet. (And this, coming from a guy who sometimes uses cherry syrup in his Manhattan.) What are some lesser-known or forgotten bourbon classics?

--What is your favorite non-bourbon cocktail? Again, I must confess to usually ordering a dry vodka martini with olives as an apertif. Good bang for the buck, and it makes a nice appetizer. If I'm feeling like something sweeter, there's a local place that makes what is, essentially, a tequila sidecar. Pretty tasty.

What are you favorites? What's worth checking out?