I usually take middle shelf or cheap bottles on camping trips; too much chance of Coke in the glass to justify expensive stuff, but usually its decent stuff and a couple of fishing buddies are now Bulleitt fans. Last week, a couple of bottles I wanted to move along toward empty were Mellow Corn corn whiskey and Beam rye.

I always thought the Beam had nice spice upfront but an unpleasant harshness after, and Mellow Corn always seemed sweet and smooth enough, just lacking in much real character. I don't usually mix whiskey because I'm still trying to fix on the "straight" tastes, but decided to try the corn and rye together. Definitely seemed to be a sum greater than the parts; the oiliness that's just there a little in the Mellow Corn really came out, the rye brought some good taste into the mix, and the corn smoothed out the harshness I get from the Beam rye. I was aiming for a 50/50 mix, but my candle light pouring was imperfect; probably had a variety of mixes, but I'd guess what seemed best to me was more like 60/40 corn to rye.

I'd actually bought the the Mellow Corn for a campout in the fall largely as an homage to departed friend who would show up with moonshine. It has been interesting to sample corn whiskey, and it is cheap enough ($9) that I may get some again to try some other mixing; it does go well with apple cider too.

And yes, I saw someone pour my Old Charter 12 into Coke. But that's why I bring a $17 bourbon.