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    New rye whiskeys

    Accompanying the rye whiskey renaissance are a clutch of interesting whiskeys, some unaged or aged only a short time. At Tim's rye whiskey tasting during the recent Sampler, he offered Isaiha Morgan rye whiskey. I found this one of the most interesting whiskeys tasted during this trip. It had a very appetizing, "juicy" taste yet was neither sweet nor (very) aged. It is hard to describe the taste but everyone who tried it liked it. I would think it is the type of whiskey that may represent the best of the old moonshine recipes. I could see drinking this cool or cold (but not iced) before dinner. Recommended.

    Another rye whiskey, soon to appear and discussed here last year, is Templeton rye. See www.templetonrye.com. This is distilled in a copper pot still and is a recreation or perhaps evocation of a Prohibition-era illicit recipe famed for its quality. So it's got some interesting historical imagery behind it. The product is still being aged and according to Internet information I found will be released this summer but apparently early samples were essayed at the San Francisco whiskey Expo last year. I know some people on the board attended that event, does anyone recall tasting this whiskey? What was it like?

    Rye is coming back and of course Sazerac's 6-7 year old rye is an example.

    That Fleischmann's rye Lenell brought was excellent. I felt it was better than, say, Jim Beam rye (which isn't bad, but just not as good). For some reason Fleischmann's rye is sold in Wisconsin only. One hopes stocks will be made available elsewhere.

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