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    BOTM, 5/06: 1792 Ridgemont Reserve

    The initial release of this month's BOTM caused quite a stir in the bourbon industry. While many new brands need years of product placement and marketing to insure widespread success, this bourbon catapulted quickly onto the radar with instant notoriety gained from a trademark dispute with Brown-Foreman. Although ultimately unsuccessfull in court--the name was changed and the styling tweeked--the quality of the contents remain the same. This month's Straightbourbon.com Bourbon of the Month is:

    1792 Ridgemont Reserve

    The friendly folks at Barton have been generous to the members of Straightboubon.com by granting access to their rarely-seen distillery and rickhouses. I was reminded again at the recent Bourbon Festival Sampler of what an excellent bourbon this is. Not simply honey-barrels of VOB, 1792 is a unique product that stands out in the crowd.

    Now what do you think?

    Sound off
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