Picked up a bottle at one of my favorite stops today and hazaa, it was on sale.

I really like the bottle itself, nice design. The thick base of the bottle mimics what I like in my drinking glassware.

As for the pour itself, I found it to be pleasant, not over-powering, but pleasant. I can see this being another Summer pour.

The nose (or my nose anyway) seemed like butterscotch candy, maybe with a little spice drop added in. One of the more agreeable inviting aromas that I have sensed in bourbon.

First sip and entry is smooth and even somewhat cool. sliding into orange transitioning to a hint of lemon and finally candied fruit. There's another distinct flavor I'm getting half way through, but I apologize I am unable to put a label on it.

This is something I will be revisiting and probably buying an extra bottle of. I'm not sure that I could call this a top 10 for me, but it certainly is not a bottom 20.

Thank you for picking this as BOTM. I would have not been tasting this anytime soon or at all, if it had not been for this activity.