OK, folks. There was a recent string of threads on hunting for old bourbons in out of the way places--little stores in far reached places that may have bottles of bourbon that have literally been sitting on their shelves for years if not decades. Now, my knowledge in this area is limited. I know that if I buy a bottle of 10 year old, that chances are it's at least another year or two older than that (and I'm sure that we could expand this topic even further about bourbon qualities derived from further aging in the glass bottle vs. life in the barrel--and feel free to give that one a life of its own as I'm intrigued with your thoughts on the aging process as a whole, both in and out of the barrel), and a possible mention of a bottling date on the label helps me even further, but what should I be looking for on the bottle for indicators of bottling date (e.g., what is the significance of the numbers etched on the bottle bottom). I recently picked up a bottle of 10 YO Old Rip Van WInkle at a little liquor store in Manhattan. The only indicators are on the bottle bottom, where there's a small embossed seal of sorts (looks like a square with a swirl inside), then some numbers embossed going clockwise from the seal as follows: 3337, then 94, then 8, then 22 with a circle around it. Since I don't have the Little Orphan Annie secret decoder any more, I'm at a loss. Help me understand the distiller's code.

J. Rocco
CT Shoreline, USA