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    Närke kulturbryggeri (brewery)

    I did visit one real small microbrewery in Örebro Sweden today. It was much smaller than I had expected. About the same size as the one Drew Karry got in his garage in the TV series. However the beer was fantastic and the staff that own and brew was real nice and told as in the group from the beer club malte all that was needed in the brewing skills in a very amusing way. The tasting was very generous as well and I had to hold back a bit since I had to travel the last part to my home by car. To my taste the best 2 was there flagship Örebro bitter with is there interpretation of the GB beer stile. The other was an imperial stout brewed with honey called stormaktsporter with was one of the biggest beers I have ever had. I have been a big fan of American micro brewing for a long time but it seem that you don’t “have to go over the bridge for water” anymore as we say in Sweden. Sorry to say the beer is only available in a few quality pubs in Sweden.

    Swedish lover of American whiskey

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    Well, I never thought that I would see the word Närke (a Swedish province) in a SB.com headline!

    Sounds like you had a good time. I see that you also took precautions against getting "arrested for drivin´ while blind".
    Delighted to see you if you can find me!



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