I took two bourbons out for watching the Kentucky Derby. (1) VanWinkle Special Reserve 12 and (2) Knob Creek -- if I had not run out of Buffalo Trace I'd have that one out, too.

We used Knob Creek for the Mint Juleps (and, Chuck, we downed them quickly to follow tradition).

As the band played My Old Kentucky home I nearly got misty eyed thinking of all of my wonderful friends in Kentucky! So-- I drank a toast to my Kentucky Friends. I'll drink a second toast to all of you on sb.com.

Knob Creek and Buffalo Trace make great mixer bourbons and are wonderful consumed straight.

The VanWinkle SR 12 is saved for toasting the Derby Winner. I do love Churchill Downs -- We try to get there for a race at least once a year. Maybe one these days I will get to good seats at the Derby.

Oh, and I know many of you don't know me these days. I just get so busy I don't stop by as I used to.

Well, I'd write more but... gotta go pour some bourbon for sipping during the Derby.