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    Post Whisk(e)y and it's associated generations...

    I thought I would write something informative for a change

    I have been thinking it would be an idea to let people know what the preference of whisk(e)y is among generations in Australia...

    Generally speaking the consumer at 50+ yrs has a preference towards the Scotch and Irish whiskies, this part the fact that majority of this generation has actually moved here direct from the UK and surrounds so they are more familiar with these whiskies. Thus not a lot of sales of bourbon are in this age bracket...

    40+...here we start getting a few more consumers of bourbon. This generation, if bourbon drinkers, generally know of only most of the Beam products and the other whiskey - Jack Daniels...

    From 18+(legal drinking age in Oz)...this consumer age bracket LOVES bourbon!! Between the Scotch blends and Vodka, this age bracket is the highest consumer of bourbon in Oz.

    Today I was chatting with an associate and we were discussing products not 'previously' available in Oz, both no longer produced and current, when I was going over some of the bourbons, ie. Stagg, PVW and a few products that KBD produce, the gentleman had not heard of any of these(he runs a cigar/whisk(e)y lounge) nor had he heard of such names as A.H. Hirsch and a few other items. His son on the other hand had heard of a few of the bourbons that I was 'discussing' with them.
    The owner was probably around 55+ and his son was in his early 30's.

    It would be good to here trends and so forth from other countries....
    Let us know what you think
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