I am a single malt drinker who has recently fallen in love with bourbon. Of the several I've sampled so far my favorites are Old Rip VW (15 yr old) and Weller Centennial. I've read good things about Old Fitz (12 yr.) but wonder if it might be too similar to the Weller since they are both wheated and, I think, from the same distillery. I would prefer trying something which contrasts with the Weller since one of the things I like about scotch is the variation between different regions. Is there anything analogous in bourbon to the dramatic difference between, say, Islay and Highland malts? So far I've enjoyed Makers, Woodford, WT Rare Breed, Knob Creek and a few others, but the two I mentioned above are definitely my favs. Any suggestions? By the way, I've avoided trying Bookers because I like to drink whisky neat and the proof scares me off. Thanks!