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    I stopped at a liquor store today to check out their stock since I hadn't been to this particular store for a while and Iím really glad I did. When I got to the bourbon section the first thing I noticed was a lone and slightly dusty bottle of Wild Turkey Russellís Reserve 101! To think I almost didnít go into this store since their selection isnít the greatest. Also, right next to the RR101 there was a bottle of Kentucky Spirit with a silver cap. They also had one with a regular wood colored cap as well. The silver one was bottled 1 year before the other. (I forget the year though) Is there anything special about this particular batch that would make it worth picking up? I immediatly snatched up the RR101 but left the KS with the silver cap since $45 isn't any deal for something that for all I know could just have a different colored cap and the fact that the bottle was filled almost 1 inch less than the one behind it. Just wanted to show off my find and maybe get some more info about that other bottle. Thanks!


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    Yeah...I remember that one, Tim you brought it to Cliff's party that night Most Excellent

    Jeff was showing me the cap on that bottling...

    Awesome ...

    I told him that I would do a little machining on those caps for him...They would make a awesome set of drawer handles...Drill and tap to accept all thread and wella...lock nut on the end so no one would try to steal "your original idea" and we're done

    Beamin' and machinin' in Kentucky

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    After reading the above link I found I have one of the first varieties. My neckband is very hard to read as it sat on the shelf at the liquor store a LONG time and apparently was wiped down over the years. The date is 3-06-98....I'm sure of the eight so the other must be a 9. When was KS first sold? I bought the bottle, I must confess, for the pewter stopper, it is lovely. If I ever see another I will snap it up...same with RR 101. I think I got the last one to be had in Ft. Smith Arkansas this weekend.

    (thought this was close enough on topic to not make another topic)
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    Hey 'Bat - Congrats on the RR101! You'll never go wrong snapping it up wherever you find it - while you can find it.

    I went by a store on the edge of town last night that I had been wanting to visit for a while. I also found the same 2 bottles that you did! I immediately grabbed the RR101 and held it like a baby. They also have one of the the early KS with the pewter top. It is from the 2-7-00 bottling that Jeff mentions in the older thread to which Tim provided a link. I left it on the shelf because I still have 2 KS purchased a few months back that were bottled on 1-21-00 - one is empty, one is full. Just figured I did not need another like it.....but, now having second thoughts. Especially since Jeff has found it a bit more robust which is to my liking as well. Since I have never had any other KS than the 1-21-00 bottling, I cannot make the comparison that Jeff has done with the more recent batches.

    I think I'll slip back out there on Wednesday and snag it. I also know of another store where there is a KS bottled in 2001 that is slightly different from these others bottled in 2000. It also has the pewter cap but is a slightly different label on neck. This thread has rekindled my interest in my personal #1 bourbon.....I may have to get that one as well!
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    My old bottle of KS was bottled 12/15/94, Barrel 04, Warehouse C, Rick 34
    Pewter top, dual grey neck label.

    The one we have open was bottled 11-25-98, Barrel 14, Warehouse E, Rick 1
    Same pewter top, dual grey neck label.


    Accoring to a previous post....KS was introduced in 1995. The bottling in 94 was the first
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    Congrats on the RR. Always a good decision.../channeling Samuel Adams.

    I have a half bottle of the 101. I think I'll grab a new 90 just so I'm no so tempted to drink the 101 all the time.

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    Great find!

    It's pretty cool when you know you scored.

    Here's to many more finds.


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