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    Rittenhouse 21 Year Old Straight (Bonded?) Rye

    This will be released by Heaven Hill in September, some of us tasted a beta version late last year and it was very good. It may be issued as a bond and if so I wonder if the bottle will state it was distilled by DSP KY 31. Rittenhouse (as for Mellow Corn) was originally a Medley brand, Medley of Owensboro. I don't know when the purchase occured but I think it was in the last 20 years. If so and if HH bought stocks of young rye with the label, the label of a bonded 21 year old release would have to state the distillery number of Medley in Owensboro (I believe, unless HH has DSP 31-distilled 21 year old stocks of rye, which is possible I guess). Even if it is not released as a bonded, of course the whiskey in the bottle possibly will have been made at Owensboro. (I hope I stated the tense of this correctly, this isn't easy to do!). If this is so, the taste, at 21 years, might resemble the earlier bottlings of ORVW 13 year old rye which, in their later form (say, the D batch), were about 17-18 years old. That ORVW 13 year old was reputed by some to have been 100% Medley whiskey.


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