I like bourbon neat, however, especially at the beginning of the summer here, I like some bourbon mixes as well. I tried the mint julep first, it was very good, IMO. Then I tried bourbon and tonic water on the rocks, it was good, too. Today, I prepared a bourbon-cola mix. on the rocks ( 2 oz. bourbon and 2-3 oz. cola). This was very good, too.

Important point is that, IMO, I can taste the bourbon "taste" regardless of whatever mix. it is in. In all aspects, I mean the flavour, the finish, etc. Only "body" is lost of course..Then, given that bourbon preserves its main characteristics in mixtures, then it can be enjoyed in this way as well as it can be enjoyed neat. There's much opposition on the internet for mixing, but for now, I'm opposing the opposition and I enjoy bourbon both neat or by mixing. What do you think?