Don't know how many of these there are, but they are predominatly in the mid-west, I believe. Anyway, I went to watch my wife and my sister play sand volleyball at this little outdoor rec area. They had a little tiki bar thing where you could sit, watch, and have a few drinks. I ask the bartender, "got bourbon?" Yes, she says, we have Old Crow and Jack. Uh, no, I said. After the games we were hungry and decided to try this Whiskey Creek. I roll up to the bar. "Got bourbon?" "Oh yeah", he says. And he was right. They had the whole Beam Small Batch collection, Elijah Craig, and Rare Breed, all of which I have not tried. New dilemma, where to start. So, to wrap things up, I had one of the best prime rib sandwiches I've ever had, and a nice pour of Baker's went very well with the smoked, dry-rubbed beef and cheese and carmelized onions. The experience really has me looking forward to roaming around KY this weekend.